Welcome to the history of the Whales and Dolphins of Clacton Pier
1971–1985 was an important time for Clacton-on-sea, Essex, it was famous for having the dolphinarium on the Pier and was home to the dolphins, whales and sea lions.
Enjoy the photographs and information on all the sea life from the pier, as well as a newspaper archive of all the
events at that time on the pier.
The well respected Bloom family cared for and trained the dolphins, whales and sea lions on the pier during
this time and entertained thousands in the 70s and 80s.
Bubble, Squeak, Nemo, Neptune and Suzie were just a few of the big names on the pier that pulled the crowds
onto Clacton Pier, along with the famous celebrities of the Ocean Theatre Summer Shows.


This website is dedicated to Reg Bloom

11th September 1922 - 9th September 2012



last revised May 3, 2017

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