Where the Clacton Pier Dolphinarium was and is today


This is where the dolphins & whales held their shows on Clacton Pier,
these ariel photos were taken in 2006 and you can still see that some of the dolphinarium still remains today.
The concrete seating can still be seen around the outside of the arena, the green area in the photos
was part of the pool where the dolphins put on their show.

Recent ariel photo of the dolphinarium

In 1932 the swimming pool was opened on Clacton pier and was the first pool in the country to be
built over the sea. On the 1st August 1971 the pool was closed and turned in a dolphinarium, the
original swimming pool was the subject of falling receipts and high running costs.
The dolphinarium was a permanent summer attraction run by owner Michael Goss and dolphin
trainer and expert Reg Bloom.
Reg Bloom was a former curator of Flamingo Park and Chester Zoo, he also opened dolphinariums
in London and Majorca.
Mr Bloom also helped design and build the dolphinarium in Windsor Safari Park.

Clacton Pier Dolphinarium (1978)
Ariel photo of the pier & dolphinarium taken 1979, just after the dolphins left Clacton Pier
Photo of the Olympic sized pool on Clacton Pier before the dolphins & whales lived there
Crowds flocked to Clacton Pier's swimming pool
February 1974 - Fisherman Mervyn Stutter caught a 15Ib, 3ft long lobster off Clacton pier, thought
to be 30 years old. The lobster was not hooked but entangled in Mervyn's line, the catch was such
a rarity that it was given to the aquarium on the pier & Reg looked after it and put in on display in
a tank alive for all to view.
The 3ft long lobster caught at Clacton on display in a tank at Clacton Pier Dolphinarium
August 1973 - Two rescued Pelicans, one was lost and the other had been shot,
Reg nursed the shot pelican at his home as it had injuries to its bill & wings, after a week they
were both reunited again at the Clacton Dolphinarium.
They escaped from Antwerp, Belgium, one was found on Great Holland Marshes and the other
with the gunshot injuries was found at Little Oakley.
Water chute and pool in 1988, 3 years after Nemo left the pier
Outside of the dolphinarium in 1991
1995 saw the start of the demolition of the Sea Lion complex on Clacton Pier
The Clacton Pier Dolphinarium (2009)
The Clacton Pier Dolphinarium (2010)

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