The Dolphins of Clacton Pier

Bubble and Squeak jumping hoops (1978)
The building in the background was an indoor pool for the dolphins during the winter, it was heated
and kept Bubble and Squeak out of the cold and out of harms way during severe storms.
There was access to the outside pool via a connecting gate inside the building.
Bubble and Squeak (1978)
Full house for the dolphin show
All three dolphins showing perfect timing and ariel skills
Dolly, Bubble & Squeak
Bubble & Squeak high flying!
Bubble and Squeak singing to Reg and Margaret Bloom (1978)
Squeak jumping and showing off to a packed house (1978)
Squeak with her new friend Suzie Wong who helped keep her company after Bubble died (1978)

Squeak and Suzie Wong take Paula Wilcox for a ride around the pool (1978)

A young lad being pulled by two dolphins with the other one swimming close by
The dolphins wearing a top hat and a brides veil (top left)
Raymond Brewster the Pharmacist from Kingswood Chemists in Clacton giving the dolphins
some treatment, apparently their ailments are similar to humans so the medicine did the trick!
Arthur Askey, Dickie Henderson & The Pamela Devis Dancers with Bubble & Squeak (1976)
Bubble & Squeak playing football between shows, proof that it is just one big playtime to them
Bubble & Squeak surfing around the Clacton pool

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