The Dolphins of Clacton Pier

Bubble laughing at Squeak with a hat on
How many rings can Reg fit on a bottlenose?
Dancing dolphin
The power of a dolphin shown by massive leaps from the pool



Dolly, Bubble & Squeak all dancing together

The crowd pleaser
Upright and going backwards

This is hard to believe this is Clacton and not abroard somewhere

Dolly, Bubble & Squeak
Dolphins out of the water & Reg displaying how beautiful these creatures really are
Fish lunch for putting on such a great show
They had lunch, now its time for more fun
The crowd get to interact with the three dolphins at poolside
Reg working Bubble & Squeak (December 1973)
The man you see putting Clacton's dolphins through their routine in mid summer is Reg Bloom.
Reg also ran the British Whale Rescue Service & recieved about four or five calls a year for his
expertise and skill in saving animals in trouble on our british coastlines, including a stranded whale
on Clacton beach in 1975.
Reg trained Bubble & Squeak with alot of love & patience, earning trust from them which is a very
long process that can take months. Bubble & Squeak had their favourite tricks & activities which
was worked around their routines, if they didn't like doing anything they didn't want to,
they wouldn't do it, the pair could be very stubborn and mischievous at times.

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