The Killer Whales of Clacton Pier
Nemo & Neptune together on Clacton Pier 1983
Nemo & Neptune swimming in & out of their isolation area with Nemo out in the big pool to
perform one of his shows
Nemo in training with Peter Bloom

Nemo and Peter
Dinner time for Nemo
Nemo displaying his full size with trainer Peter Bloom
Nemo posing for a photo (December 1983)
Nemo being examined by Peter Bloom
Nemo out of the water was part of his training
A young lad interacting with Nemo during a show
Peter Bloom training Nemo
Nemo close up
Nemo and Neptune together in the Clacton pool
Nemo and Neptune playing

Three killer whales arrived at clacton from Iceland, Nemo, Neptune and another one which was unnamed,
sadly the unnamed whale died from a ruptured internal organ (liver or kidney).
There was a playful squabble with one of the other whales which left the whale with the injuries,
the whales can get carried away playing and forget their own strength.
There was reports that the rupture was caused during the transportation of the whale from Iceland,
this was not the case but instead a tragic accident during playtime.

The Clacton pool was drained so a comprehensive veterinary examination could be performed
A fit and healthy Nemo after his examination
Dan Cartwight who transported the whales to Clacton from Iceland giving the whales a check over
Dan training the whales at Clacton getting them ready for the shows ahead
Nemo jumping out the water was one of his many tricks
Nemo in the 80s, behind him you can see the Whirlwind
rollercoaster on the other side of the pier

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