The Transportation of Nemo from Clacton to Windsor Safari Park (1985)

Moving Nemo from Clacton Pier to Windsor - PART 1 (26th June 1985)
Peter Bloom doing the final checks to Nemo before his move to Windsor Safari Park.
In this video clip there is also an interview with a spokes person from Greenpeace campaigning
to free Nemo back into the wild.
The Bloom family had a worldwide reputation for precision & skill in keeping whales & dolphins,
they knew Nemo going into the wild would be a disaster and not in his best interests.
Nemo wanted a mate and he got one in Windsor named Winnie.
Moving Nemo from Clacton Pier to Windsor - PART 2 (26th June 1985)
An interview with Peter Bloom & bringing the crane onto the Pier to lift Nemo.
A team of experts get Nemo ready to go into the specially made harness.
Moving Nemo from Clacton Pier to Windsor - PART 3 (26th June 1985)
Nemo being loaded into the specially made transport container, the crane is then moved off
the pier but the entrance boards give way under the weight of the crane.
With a lot of help from locals the crane makes it off the pier and Nemo is wheeled off the pier
in his container to the crane now outside & is then lifted on to the transport lorry.
Nemo's journey then begins by leaving Clacton.
Moving Nemo from Clacton Pier to Windsor - PART 4 (26th June 1985)
After travelling through the night Nemo arrives at Windsor Safari Park.
He is unloaded into his new pool where Winnie and him make first contact.
Nemo - Clacton Pier to Windsor (BBC Look East)
BBC Look East news report on Nemo & the preparation & move to Windsor.
Nemo on Clacton Pier (TV-am, Breakfast TV)
TV-am Breakfast Show with Nemo at Clacton Pier, also has an interview with
Clacton Pier owner Francis McGinty.
Nemo the Killer Whale from Clacton performing at Windsor (ITV Splash Show - 1987)
80's children's TV show Splash with a live show with Nemo the Killer Whale at Windsor, brilliant footage of Nemo in full swing performing for the kids that are loving every minute of it.
Nemo on Clacton Pier (BBC Look East)
BBC Look East news report on Nemo the Killer Whale on Clacton Pier.
Nemo at Clacton Pier (News at Ten)
News at Ten report on Nemo the Killer Whale at Clacton Pier 1985.
Nemo at Clacton Pier with Tommy Boyd
Tommy Boyd doing a TV report on Evelyn, a young girl who was doing sponsored walks to raise money for Greenpeace to help buy Nemo the Killer Whale.
She was presented with a Nemos Freedom Share certificate & raise £19.75.
Brilliant footage of her meeting Nemo on Clacton Pier & Tommy has a bit of a mishap caught on film at the end!
Nemo the Killer Whale at Clacton Pier (TV report by Tony Soper)

An in depth report on Nemo the Killer Whale at Clacton, including some history on captive whales,
reported by Tony Soper.

A crane arrived on Clacton Pier to move Nemo into her transport tank for the trip to Windsor Safari Park.
The picture above shows the harness in which Nemo will be carefully placed into and then gently lowered
into the transport tank.
Nemo was removed from Clacton Pier on 22nd June 1984 after he outgrew his pool and moved to Windsor Safari Park, but not without mishap. Nemo the length and weight of an average family car posed some
problems to his transporters.
It took four attempts to get him into a specially designed stretcher to take him the deeper pool at Windsor Safari Park. Then the crane being used to lift Nemo into a specially designed foam crate crashed through
part of the Clacton Pier causing a three hour delay.
Finally Nemo, smothered in lanoline, arrived at his new home. The excitement caused by his arrival in
a holding pool cause a dolphin in the next pool to give birth prematurely to her baby.
Windsor Safari Park officials were hoping that he would 'hit it off' with their female killer whale Winnie.
Nemo was at Clacton Pier for 3 years.
Nemo is carefully lowered in to the transport tank and then covered in lanolin, a yellow grease that
protects Nemo's skin and prevents it from drying out.
Estimated year of birth: 1980
Captured 10/1981 at Selvogsbanki, Iceland
Held at Sædyrasafnid, Iceland and then Clacton Pier, UK until 06/1985
Measurements at death: 15 feet (4.6 meters) 2,370 pounds (1,075 kilograms)
Died on 11/17/1986 at Windsor Safari Park
Captive time: 5 years 1 month
Cause of death: Cancer of the Bone Marrow
The final preparations before the journey to Windsor Safari Park
Nemo with Winnie at Windsor Safari Park after his move from Clacton Pier
Nemo and Winnie together at Windsor
Suzie Wong - The move to Clacton Pier
Suzie Wong arriving at Clacton Pier (1978)
A delicate operation getting Suzie prepared for her move to Clacton (1978)

Susie Wong (aka. Hoi Wai) flew out of the UK from Heathrow Airport to her new home in Hong Kong.
It was a tricky but successful journey for Susie as she was 3 years old and weighed
one-and-a-half tons. She was covered in lanolin & ice was added to her container to keep her cool.
The journey to Hong Kong from the UK took 16 hours & Suzie had a comfortable ride with no signs
of stress, she was not fed during the journey.
Susie arrived at Ocean Park in Hong Kong at the start of the chinese new year, she left the UK on
Saturday 27th January 1979 and stayed & performed in Hong Kong until she passed away in 1997.


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