The Sea Lions on Clacton Pier

Marcus the sea lion putting on a show - Clacton Pier 1983
Marcus the sea lion with trainer Luigi putting on a show at Clacton

The Sea Lion Show was the last of the sealife shows on Clacton Pier.
There were four Sea lions called Anna, Marcus, Kojak & Bimbo, there was more on the pier but at present
their names are not know.
Bimbo was moved to the Sea Lion Show at Pleasurewood Hills.

In April 1975 newly weds Jon & Penny Kershaw cut short their honeymoon to come back to Clacton to
get Anna the sea lion ready for an appearance on the TV show "Opportunity Knocks".
One known trick Anna was good at performing was balancing a ball on a pole on its nose.

In Ocober 1975 there was a report of a baby seal that was nursed at the dolphinarium on Clacton Pier
after suffering a gunshot wound. The seal was put into a net and sprayed with ointment as
part of its treatment, it is unknown how the gunshot wound happened or if the baby seal survived.


The Sea Lion Trainer Suzanne with one of the Sea Lions performing at Clacton

Adolph & Sallar the two Sea Lions from Clacton Pier doing a bit of promotional work
advertising a scale company that the Goss family owned (1973)
Another photo of Adolph & Sallar the two Sea Lions from Clacton Pier doing a bit of
promotional work (1973)
Two of the seal lions basking in the Clacton sun
Catching rings around their neck was a favorite trick
Catching hoops
Ball balancing with one of the trainers
Didnt quite make over the head!
Both sea lions in action
An example of precise balancing
These sea lions can balance anything by the looks of it
The sea lions kissing their trainer Jon Kershaw

Trainer Jon Kershaw worked with the sea lions & dolphins during the 70's on Clacton Pier,
he has a famous brother, 80's pop star Nik Kershaw

Seals were also kept at the pier
A seal basking in the sun and being nosey
Reg dressed up as Santa with his two helpers
Reg Bloom and Rick Smallman training the sea lions at Clacton

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