The Storm Damage - January 1979
A view of the damaged area from inside the dolphinarium
In January 1979 severe gales hit Clacton Pier and caused an estimated £150,000 worth of
damage, mainly to the dolphinarium and holding pools. There was a quick rescue operation to save
Susie Wong the killer whale who was stranded in the pool, she was moved to Windsor Safari Park.
Squeak the dolphin was moved to Brighton with 5 other dolphins to keep her company while
repairs to Clacton Pier were underway.
The sea lions and penguins were also moved to various locations around the country.
The viewing windows around the pool were broken by the storm causing the pool to empty.
The Sea Lion Pools
The main pool and holding area
The entrance to the dolphinarium looking out onto the pier
Inside of the enclosed pool area

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